Twitter Tweet Button for Drupal

Twitter just launched their own version of the Tweet Button last week.

Inline Messages 1.6 Released

Inline Messages allows you to display form messages (error/status/warning) inline with the form instead of the default behaviour at the top of the page (or wherever your theme outputs messages).

Version 1.6 has been release with a few important enhancements.


Inline Messages

The Inline Messages Drupal module has replaced Inline Errors.

The major difference (and hence the name change) between the 2 modules is that Inline Messages lets you move any form messages (status, error, warning), where Inline Errors only moved form error messages.

Contributing Projects to Drupal Using Tortoise CVS

While I consider myself fairly technically savvy and have been developing & theming Drupal sites now for a few years, when I had my first module I was ready to contribute, I have to admit that I was feeling a little dumb-struck.

So, in order to help anyone else new to this process, I decided to document the steps you need to take to get your module running on

Create Your Own Custom Override Module

If you've ever developed for Drupal, you know that there are times where it seems very tempting to hack a core or contributed module. Maybe you want to change some text, or add in some extra functionality to forms. While yes it might be quicker to hack the module, you're opening yourself up to a lot of potential problems.


Inline Form Errors

I've released my first Drupal module... Inline Errors.

In most Drupal themes, $messages is located at the top of your page.tpl.php. However on most sites, forms such as the comment form are located at the bottom of your page. So should someone submit a comment that has errors, they're kicked back to the top of the page and have to scroll back down to fix their submission.